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Solar Energy
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At Info Group Global, we pride ourselves on being experts in the solar energy industry

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About Info Group Global Energy
INFO GROUP GLOBAL ENERGY , is a leading supplier and solution provider in the power generation and renewable energy sector in Europe.



All of our renewable energy modules are quality certified, guaranteeing you an optimal production of energy in the long term.



Quick response to your questions and needs, fast product transportation after purchase and fast installation service.



Having a problem with the product? We are just a phone call away when you need us. We provide the service of all our renewable energy products.

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Info Group Global Energy is a global company, giving importance to flexibility

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We are proud of providing clean energy sustainably & responsibly, securing a future for generations to come.


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Our business is global, but our presence and impact are local. We live and work in the communities we power.


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Our Motivation: Climate Protection

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues confronting humanity and our societies. A transition to a climate-friendly, long-term energy supply based on renewables is required. Economic success and environmental benefit, in our opinion, are intimately connected. Our work ethic unites idealism, realism, and expertise. Info Group Energy is founded on economic prudence, careful planning, and ethical responsibility. We work not only for our company's success, but also for the bigger picture: global climate protection.
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The optimal system

Storing All
Obtained Energy

For a successful clean energy transition, we need innovative storage technologies. Info Group Global Energy plans and implements stand-alone battery systems and hybrid energy systems that combine solar energy with battery storage. We focus on the supplying customers with reliable energy by implementing micro grids to optimise electricity costs, as well as grid stabilization with the help of battery systems for the integration of renewable energies.
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Reliability comes first

Partners We Trust

When it comes to dealing with a global issue like climate change, we know that working together can get us further. As a result, we rely on partners such as qualified engineers who install our systems, financing partners, and a community of sustainable businesses who share our goals. Partnerships are essential to our success and impact. Established partnerships with people and organizations in whom we have trust enable Info Group Energy to guarantee the quality of project work.
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