Info Group Global Energy aims to promote the use of solar energy by developing new technologies in order to meet our planet’s energy needs with clean resources, support a sustainable future, contribute to the global economy, and leave a livable environment for future generations.
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We’re offering flexible solar solutions with a variety of different models thanks to our qualified partners and guaranteed performance. 

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Your success is our success

Your solar system should save you electricity costs and give you the room you need to grow your business. At Info Group Global Energy, We make sure of that — and we want you to enjoy the process.  Our clients save 30% on average on their energy costs and say the experience of getting their solution up and running is smooth and enjoyable.

Mission & Vision

As a trusted, innovative, and competitive organization, our mission is to provide solar energy equipment and solutions to all segments of society and the economy, with the ultimate goal of adding value to homes and companies while protecting the environment, without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

In-depth understanding of customer needs, exceeding expectations with our customization offers.


We like to challenge ourselves with the creative possibilities.


Globally dynamic, responsive, committed to keeping you updated throughout the whole logistics process.


Committed to sustainability and being your reliable business partner.


Inspiring positivity: yes, we can create anything custom-made.


Where our sense of duty and enthusiasm combine.