It gives confidence to those who do their job in the right way. The trust gained brings success to that business. Textile is in our past, present and future. Our roots go deep into the textile world. In the 1800s, we took our first step in the sector by giving life to yarns with carpet weaving. We have determined our surname as our business mission. We have never forgotten to do the right job and be reliable traders.



Our founder, Hakan Dogruguven, in search of permanent business areas around the world, understood that as long as humanity exists, textile will also exist. Acting with this awareness, the 3 brothers decided to establish Info Group Global. Over the years, we have positioned ourselves as a company that stands out in the business world with our devoted approach to discipline, principles and quality. For us, leadership is not just a title, but a form of leadership that is in close communication with every department.



We have become the choice of famous brands by combining the Turkish textile talent in our roots with institutionalism. We're proud to be the textile production partner of many corporate companies in the Turkish market. Quickly, we crossed the local borders, stepped into the international arena and started export activities. We've gained experience and trust by collaborating with global brands in merchandise, uniform and corporate clothing, especially in Italy and France.



Currently, we've production centers in Turkey, Serbia and Poland and our head office is in Belgium. We have representations in many countries across Europe and we're proud to cooperate with more than 250 world-known corporate brands. With the foresight of our board of directors, we constantly show interest in R&D , innovation investments, and we continue to manage our company with an open-minded perspective. We stand out with our ability to adapt quickly to different sectors.


Info Group Global is moving towards its holding structure in accordance with the "Group" vision that it bears. We aim to create worldwide impacts with investments that will continue to exist not only in Europe but also all over the world with superior product and service quality in the future and add value to the environment and people. We believe that Info Group Global will continue to grow, develop and add value in the future.