Our founder, Hakan Dogruguven, has searched business opportunities that could last around the world. He understood that as long as humans exist, so will the textile industry. Because of this, he and his two brothers decided to set up a company named Info Group Global. Over time, we became a company known for sticking to strong values, rules, principles, and quality, which helped us stand out in the business world.


The three brothers, who each had different interests and open-minded views, led the company's board of directors. This helped Info Group Global become active globaly in textile and trade, and they engaged quickly to the different sectors.


Even during tough times like wars, epidemics, and economic crises, we managed to fit in well and adapt. We became a company that could quickly adjust to new sectors and profitable business.


Right now, we work with strong partners in different parts of the world in various fields; Textile, Energy, Trading, Sports Management, Furniture, Education, Hotel Textile, Gift & Promotional, Tents etc. We're proud to be one of the leading companies in Europe.


Our dreams go beyond Europe. We want to participate in new business opportunities in all around the world, make new partnerships, and lead the industry with a team that knows how to make dreams real.