We want to ignite better brand images and contribution to brand awareness and values - today and in the future.

We call this: Ultimate Customization.

We are experts at creating customized apparel and and our mission is to elevate your brand’s image.

With extensive production capacity in Serbia and Turkey and over two decades of experience in the textile industry, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with a top-notch customization experience tailored to their unique needs. Since 2003, we’ve proudly and successfully partnered with some of the world’s leading brands.

At Info Group Global, we’re driven by a passion for creativity, technology, and the endless possibilities they bring to the textile sector. Crafting custom-made apparel from A to Z is our forte, and it’s what fuels our enthusiasm.

Our commitment to delivering creative solutions that enhance your brand’s recognition and value is unwavering. We thrive on building lasting business relationships and are thrilled to be your partner today and well into the future.


Discover our custom-made services

Workwear is as unique as the organizations that wear it. Every company has its distinct requirements – be it in terms of quantity, product type, or functionality. Some businesses demand prestige, while others prioritize performance. Some may seek large quantities of a specific item, while others desire an entire line designed exclusively for them. Info Group Global goes beyond merely creating corporate wear; we bring your brand’s heritage, purpose, and values to life, making them visible to your customers, employees, and key stakeholders.

Irrespective of your industry, size, or target audience, we specialize in designing and producing creative, compliant, and memorable products. Our range includes, but is not limited to, corporate office apparel, official uniforms, promotional clothing, footwear, gears, and accessories. Elevate your organization’s image with Info Group Global. Explore our diverse workwear solutions designed to match your unique requirements.

It's all about ultimate customization...

Customising A Garment
Possibilities of ultimate customizations

A garment is custom-made when one or all of its component parts are customer-specified:

Fabrics and Colors

You can choose from many fabrics available in the Global Wear Shop collection, such as:



Twill, canvas, brushed, Jersey, velvet; available in a range of weights and washes.



Soft, rigid, sandwich.


Beanie Yarns

Wool, acrylic, polyester, fleece, etc. Fabric availability depends on quantity ordered.



Microfibre, different weights of twill, fleece, acrylic.


Eco Leather

PU, various types and patterns.


Your Own Fabrics

Upon request, customers can supply or advice their own fabrics to use in the production of the customized products.


Mixed Fabrics

Melton wool (felt), polyester & cotton.


Technical / Special Fabrics

Cork, nylon.


Pantene Colors

Tshirts, Polos and Sweatshirts order starting from 500 pieces. Jackets, trousers, shirts starting from 700 pieces.  Caps and beanies starting from 2500 pieces.


A garment is customized when the decoration and other components are customer-specified:


Print & Transfer

Screen printing, flocking, transfers, all-over printing, sublimation etc.



Flat, 3D, chain stitch, metal thread embroidery etc.


A garment changes with various additional accessories, some are used for functional purposes and some for decorative purposes:



Woven label, size label, care labels, pre-made labels, side labels.



The style, size and colors are completely customizable to your brand’s label design spesifications; Woven neck labels, loop fold labels, printed labels, silicon/ metal/ leather neck labels and many more.



Closed end zipper, nylon coil zippers, metal teeth zippers, molded plastic zipper, invisible zippers and more.



Logo patches as embroidered, printed or iron component can be on patches and many more options.




Metal, color, leather, velvet buttons, closures and decorative buttons.


Washing Care Label

Printed laundry the labels with logo, woven labels, soft satin labels, self adhesive, recycled materials and many more.

Minimum Quantities
Produced in Turkey

Minimum 300-500 pieces of orders from all the articles.

Produced in Europe

Minimum 100 pieces of orders from our stock.

Produced in Serbia

Minimum 1000 pieces of orders from all the articles. If complex customization process require minimum quantities higher than normal, our sales office will inform you.

Production Times

We have the flexibility to ship from our production sites to the desired address of our customer.  We offer various solutions for direct deliveries from the Far East.

By Truck

Delivery date depends on the control check time

By Sea

Delivery date depends on the port of departure and arrival

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By Airlines

Delivery date depends on transit time